SpeakEasy Stage and Front porch Arts Collective’s Community Guidelines and expectations

SpeakEasy Stage and Front porch Arts Collective’s Community Guidelines and expectations

April 18, 2024

All of us at SpeakEasy Stage and the Front Porch Arts Collective are grateful to be a part of a community that embraces the bold subject matter we explore on stage. We believe that the best conversations come from exposure to a wide breadth of experiences and points of view, and are passionate about facilitating discussions in a constructive and effective manner.

To ensure that the environment in which we do this work remains inclusive, accessible, and welcoming, we expect everyone who interacts with our art – audience members, subscribers, donors, artists, board members, and staff – to comply with the community expectations aligned with our mission and values.


  • Respect the cultural backgrounds and identities of everyone onstage and off.
  • Understand that everyone has a right to be at the theater, and that enjoying the art may look different
    from one audience member to another.
  • Agree to be mindful of our responses to those around us, leading with understanding and respect.
  • Appreciate the space in which we gather, as well as those working within it.
  • Respect the personal boundaries and safety of those with whom we interact.

If you experience any behavior that you believe is contrary to the above agreements, we encourage you to locate the venue manager on site (usually located in the lobby of the theater), and also contact SpeakEasy’s Community and Artistic Programs Manager, Alex Lonati, at AlexLonati@SpeakEasyStage.com. We will take action – in the moment and/or afterwards – to continue the education of our community. We extend our deepest gratitude to all those who join us in our efforts to create a better community at the theater and beyond.

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