The Prom

MAY 5 - JUN 10, 2023

The Prom

MAY 5 - JUN 10, 2023

WINNER! 2019 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Musical! Emma didn’t want to be a newspaper headline or the face of a movement; she just wanted to take her girlfriend Alyssa to their high school prom. But just when it seems like she might persuade the hesitant PTA, four bumbling Broadway has-beens in search of relevance barge into Edgewater, Indiana to put a spotlight on the issue — and themselves. As the worlds of Broadway and Main Street hilariously collide, the courage of one girl reminds us all of the power of love to bring us together. With non-stop laughs and show-stopping dance numbers, The Prom is a feel-good musical with a message that is even more relevant today.

RUN TIME: Two hours and twenty-five minutes, including a 15-minute intermission.


Content Warning (Click to reveal)

The Prom contains strobe lights.

Amy Barker

Mrs. Green

Mary Callanan

Dee Dee Allen

Abriel Coleman

Alyssa Green

Tori Heinlein


Kees Hoekendijk


Liesie Kelly

Emma Nolan

Johnny Kuntz

Barry Glickman

Meagan Lewis-Michelson

Sheldon Saperstein

Nina Osso


Jared Troilo

Trent Oliver

Lisa Yuen

Angie Dickinson

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