Wild Goose Dreams

MAR 17 - APR 8, 2023

Wild Goose Dreams

MAR 17 - APR 8, 2023

New England Premiere! In an age where technology offers easy connection, Nanhee and Minsung are alone in Seoul, South Korea. Nanhee is a North Korean defector with no way to contact her family; Minsung is a gireogi appa or “goose father,” working in Seoul to send money to his family in Texas. But after a chance encounter on the internet, the pair strike up an unlikely romance and discover a quiet intimacy within the noise of the 21st century. Filled with poetic dialogue and powered by boundless imagination, Wild Goose Dreams is a charming love story for the modern age.

RUN TIME: One hour and forty minutes with no intermission.

Content Advisory (Click to reveal)

Please be advised that this production includes strong language, sexual content, firearm imagery, and references to suicide.

Amanda Centeno


Fady Demian

Digital minsung/chorus

Ciaran D’Hondt

digital Nanhee/chorus

Elaine Hom


Eunji Lim

Yoo Nanhee

Jeffrey Song

Guk Minsung

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