The Pink Unicorn

Mar 5–18, 2021

The Pink Unicorn

Mar 5–18, 2021

The Pink Unicorn is an award-winning solo piece that traces one mother’s journey from apprehension to tolerance to acceptance. Trisha Lee considers herself to be open-minded and accepting, that is, at least compared to the other mothers in her conservative hometown of Sparkton, Texas. But Trisha’s values are called into question when her teenager Jo comes out as genderqueer and attempts to start a Gay Straight Alliance. Faced with opposition from her family, church, and the local high school, Trisha embarks on a journey to meet her child with love.

CONTENT ADVISORY: The Pink Unicorn follows one mother’s journey to accept her genderqueer teenager. In telling this story, this play contains multiple instances of transphobia and misgendering as well as ableist and fatphobic language. If you have additional questions about content please call or email Alex Lonati, our Community Programs and Events Manager, at or at 617-482-3279.

RUN TIME: 80 minutes, followed by a post-show panel discussion exploring the themes of the play.


Stacy Fischer

Post Show Panel

At SpeakEasy, we believe theatre is just the beginning of the conversation. That is why, after viewing The Pink Unicorn, you will find a pre-recorded panel discussion hosted by writer, coach, and speaker Taj M. Smith.

This panel, entitled “Learning the Impact of Language”, explores the issues of the play from the perspective of some transgender and nonbinary individuals. The panelists for this panel include:

Taj M. Smith (he/him)

Katie Omberg (she/they)

Mx. Chris Paige (they/them)

Leo Austin-Spooner (they/them)

We hope you will stick around after the performance and hear what these panelists have to say!

Play Discussion Club

For our sixth series of SpeakEasy’s Play Discussion Club, and following our virtual production of The Pink Unicorn by Elise Forier Edie, we will be reading three plays by transgender, nonbinary, and two-spirit playwrights.

We will be reading MJ Kaufman’s Sensitive Guys on March 11, M Sloth Levine’s The Interrobangers on March 18, and Ty Defoe’s Firebird Tattoo on March 25..

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