Meet the Cast: Uatchet Jin Juch

Meet the Cast: Uatchet Jin Juch

January 7, 2015

We’re pleased to introduce you to the actors in our World Premiere production of A FUTURE PERFECT.  The play centers on four friends whose relationships are put to the test when a pregnancy forces them to reexamine what they want from their lives and from each other.

Actress Uatchet Jin Juch plays Annabelle in A FUTURE PERFECT, a girl who works on a children’s television show with the character of Max. Read below to get to know the show from her perspective.



How would you describe your character?

My character, Annabelle, is a boastful child who acts like she knows it all.


Do you think you and Annabelle are similar? In what ways?

I think Annabelle and I are similar in terms of how you can be mature but still a child at the same time.


What was meeting the playwright like? Are you excited to have him in the room?

Ken and I actually met last summer when Marianna and I acted in the workshop and the staged reading for A Future Perfect at Huntington Theatre Company. Meeting the playwright was awesome and having him in the room now makes me excited because I can talk about the meaning of the script and what the lines mean to him. I’m excited to act with a puppet and a fantastic group of people.


If you were to create a playlist representing your character, what would be on it?

I think this song describes people like Annabelle and Claire: “Turn, Smile, Shift, Repeat” by Phantom Planet.  I think Annabelle would be into mainstream pop music but I don’t know too many of those songs. But definitely that one!

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