Meet the Cast: Marianna Bassham

Meet the Cast: Marianna Bassham

January 7, 2015

We’re pleased to introduce you to the actors in our World Premiere production of A FUTURE PERFECT.  The play centers on four friends whose relationships are put to the test when a pregnancy forces them to reexamine what they want from their lives and from each other.

We sat down with Marianna Bassham who plays Claire in A FUTURE PERFECT to get her thoughts on her character and the play.



How would you describe your character?  

Claire is strong, brash, independent, and moving so fast she doesn’t see how she or the people close to her have changed as they experience adulthood in different ways. She’s also deeply, unconsciously competitive. Some may say she’s harsh.  But she’s telling the truth.


What parallels can you draw between yourself and your character?

I’m so busy taking care of my future self that I often miss what’s going on right in front of me. Both Claire and I are struggling to figure out our priorities.


What is your favorite quote from the play and why?

I like the quote, “Did we work so hard just so we could become like our mothers?”  One of the big questions for recent generations is career versus kids, and I think about it myself pretty much every day.


How has your experience been affected by having the playwright in the room?

It’s good to be able to ask Ken questions, as we have special access to the mind of the playwright.  He and Bevin negotiate and navigate the story– always working to make things clearer or stronger, and it’s great to contribute to that as an actor.  He’s also the ultimate tiebreaker when we can’t decide who’s right about a moment.


When was the first moment where you realized that you were officially an adult?

When I made an appointment for a teeth cleaning, showed up, and paid for it out of pocket.


If you were to create a playlist representing your character, what would be a song or two on it?

“Bigmouth Strikes Again” by the Smiths.  Because, Smiths and because, BIG MOUTH!

“No One in Control” by Snowden

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