Contemporary American Musicals

Contemporary American Musicals

September 26, 2018

While some may debate its origins, musical theatre is one of only a handful of truly original American art forms. Composer Leonard Bernstein once described musical theatre as “an art that arises out of American roots, out of our speech, our tempo, our moral attitudes, our way of moving.”

We at SpeakEasy share this passion, and have been committed since the company’s inception to producing contemporary American musicals that are bold and relevant in both form and content. This year, SpeakEasy will produce Fun Home, Once, and The View Upstairs—three American musicals that explore contemporary social issues, push the boundaries of the form, and challenge the artists’ storytelling techniques.

To further our understanding of these shows and this unique theatrical form, we are
excited to announce a new talkback series that will bring together working artists, critics, educators, and producers to discuss these outstanding shows and their place in the American Musical Theatre canon.

Fun Home

Sunday, November 18th


Tufts Professor Barbara Grossman
Berklee Professor Michael Wartofsky
Berklee Adminitstrator and Fun Home Dramaturg Helen Lewis


Moderated by Producing Artistic Director Paul Daigneault


Sunday, March 10th

Panelists To Be Announced!

The View UpStairs

Sunday, June 2nd

Panelists To Be Announced!

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