Carrie the musical

Carrie the musical

July 1, 2013

Carrie White has always been an outsider. Relentlessly tormented at school and tyrannized by a fanatical mother, she begins to have hope that things will change when she is unexpectedly asked to her senior prom. Little does she know what cruelty her classmates have in store for her, and what extraordinary and terrifying power her anger will unleash.


Jorge Barranco…Stokes
Paige Berkovitz…Chris Hargenson
Shonna Cirone…Miss Gardner
John Costa…Mr. Stevens
Kerry A. Dowling…Margaret White
Sarah Drake… Sue Snell
Elizabeth Erardi…Carrie
Alexa Lebersfeld…Helen
Amanda Lopez…Norma
Joe Longthorne*…Tommy
Stephen Markarian…Freddy
Phil Tayler*…Billy
Adena Walker…Frieda
Daniel Scott Walton…George

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