Relaxed Performance
Saturday, March 16 at 2pm

What is a Relaxed Performance? 

Relaxed performances are designed to make theater spaces more welcoming to audience members who may not feel comfortable with the conventions of a traditional theater setting. While no part of the production itself will change, this particular performance will have relaxed theatre etiquette expectations – meaning that all patrons are allowed to enjoy the performance in whatever way makes sense to them. While we hope that patrons will lead with generosity and compassion at all of our performances, audiences at this performance can be comfortable knowing that they are in a judgment-free environment. 

Who can attend a Relaxed Performance?

All are welcome to attend our Relaxed Performance! No elements of the production will be changed. We simply ask that all audience members lead with compassion and understanding. There may be a certain level of sound and movement from audience members throughout the show, and we ask that this remain a “hush free” zone.

What do I need to know about the show in advance? (contains spoilers)

Cost of Living is a play about four individuals and how human beings take care of one another. The performance contains:

  • Some loud sounds (music, and a moment or two of raised voices between characters)
  • Moving lights (lighting up different window frames)
  • Strong language (used by all four characters, including one use of the r-slur spoken in jest by a character with cerebral palsy)
  • Implied nudity (one character is seen in a shower and another is seen in a bathtub, but the audience will be unable to see any private parts)
  • A few distressing moments (including when one character slips under the water in a bathtub, but is pulled out to safety)

What is the runtime of the show?

The show runs about 1 hour, 40 minutes and does not include an intermission.

What happens if I need to leave the theater during the show?

If patrons need to use the restroom during the performance, they are more than welcome to step out and then return. Ushers will be standing by should anyone need assistance. The audio of the play can be heard in the lobby, just outside the theater, so if patrons need to step out for a break, they will be able to continue listening to the performance until they’re ready to re-enter. 

What can I bring with me? 

Patrons are welcome to bring fidget materials and tactile items for use throughout the performance. We ask that patrons not use any technology that lights up or makes sound (like phones or tablets), as that can distract the actors. 

If you have any questions about this performance, please email Community Programs Manager Alex Lonati at

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