Kurt Vonnegut’s Make Up Your Mind

Kurt Vonnegut’s Make Up Your Mind

July 4, 2013

Roland Stackhouse thinks our greatest obstacle is indecisiveness-and he has the answer! Make Up Your Mind, Inc. But just as business takes off, romance rears its head, and Stackhouse finds himself in a world of wealthy coquettes, paid enforcers, blue movies, and confused clergy. It’s a world only Kurt Vonnegut could imagine! Alternately hilarious and touching, Kurt Vonnegut’s Make Up Your Mind is really about more than sticking to decisions’-it’s about that rarest of all commodities, human connection.


Barlow Adamson*…Roland Stackhouse
Russ Bickell*…George Stackhouse
Tracy Goss*…Karen Finch
Richard Snee*…Fletcher/Vonnegut

Marc Carver*…Understudy (Roland)
Paula Plum*…Understudy (Karen)
Barry M. Press*…Understudy (George Stackhouse, Fletcher/Vonnegut)

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