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The museum of broken Relationships

We are currently seeking union and non-union actors for a 2-week workshop and invited performance of a new musical, THE MUSEUM OF BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS.

Music and Lyrics by Daniel Greene
Book by David H Bell

Direction by David H. Bell
Music Direction by Dan Rodriguez

The contract will include learning this new musical, incorporating regular rewrites, and exploring some of the staging. There will be presentations for audiences during the process. We will have one or more fully-realized presentations at the end with a band, including staged sections of the show, some off-book.

The workshop will take place May 7 – 19, 2024, with an invited performance on May 20, 2024 – all in Boston.

Production Details:
Union Contract: NEAT 5 Agreement

Auditions will be held on Tuesday, March 5th from 10am – 4pm at the Calderwood Pavilion in Boston.

Performers should prepare two 16-bar cuts of contrasting contemporary musical theatre songs. An accompanist will be available at the auditions.

To request an appointment, please email your full name, Equity status, and contact information, along with your headshot and resume attached as one PDF document titled “LAST NAME, FIRST NAME (2024).” Please also include your availability during the audition window. Please email this to

Additional callbacks (either in-person or virtual) may be held in the weeks after.

To Note:

The Company shall conduct all auditions/interviews in a manner that promotes fair consideration to persons of all races, ethnicities, national origins, genders, sexual orientations, ages, and ability statuses. SpeakEasy Stage Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

For these auditions, no nudity or any form of sexual contact will be required as part of an actor’s audition. We will not ask prospective participants to perform violence or sexual contact as part of an audition without disclosing this expectation in the audition notice or invitation. SpeakEasy Stage Company seeks to foster an environment of communication, safety, respect, accountability, and the health, safety, and well- being of institutions and its participants.

Please contact with any questions.


KIRSTEN – (Mid 30s – early 40s, G3-E5 high mix) Passionate art gallery owner hosting The Museum of Broken Relationships as her inaugural exhibit in Brooklyn. Warm, but emotionally guarded.

PIERCE – (Mid 30s – early 40s, Bb2-G4 baritenor) Black, wealthy, cultured, educated. Struggling with the recent death of his overbearing and often emotionally cold, adoptive mother. Frequently hides behind a mask of humor.

COREY – (Late 20s – mid 30s, C3-A4 tenor) Kirsten’s dry gallery assistant. Reliable and especially gifted at corralling the more free-spirited Desi.

DESI – (Late 20s – mid 30s, Ab3-D4 high mix) Kirsten’s quirky, exuberant gallery assistant.

MILLICENT – (50+, G3-A4 alto) Pierce’s extravagant, elegant, unconventional, adoptive mother.

TOMO – (Late 20s – mid 40s, character singing) Gregarious driver-for-hire in Zagreb, Croatia.

ENSEMBLE – 8 actors to play various roles—gallery patrons, object donors, museum attendants, art students, etc.—plus the following features:
MARIJANA – (Early 20s, A3-Eb4 young mix) Young mother.
ADRIJANA – (Teens, A3-Eb4 young mix) Marijana’s younger sister.
JOSEPH CRANDALL – (30s-50s, non-singing) NY Times art critic.
HANNAH BLAU – (80s but played by someone younger, non-singing) Caretaker of a Croatian synagogue

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