Annalise Guidry is a Black and Puerto Rican non-binary theater artist -playwright, director and educator- from New Orleans, with a background in anthropology. Informed by indigenous ways of “knowing-together” and a “love ethic,” (bell hooks) Annalise works to contribute to life sustaining world-making projects using theater as a vehicle by emphasizing community and storytelling in all their work processes to combat systems of domination. Cultivated during their time at Marlboro College (VT), Emerson College in Boston, and time as an educator, Annalise works as a translator to make life (our stories, superstitions, experiences) and art (playwriting, directing, performance) commune with each other. They have directed and co-directed six plays, three of which were original works exploring the intersection of theatre, anthropology, and social change, including: 3 Women, 3 Myths (Edinburgh Fringe Festival); and Just a Thing (2021). Within the last year, Annalise spent time cultivating community through Company One’s VoltLab as a playwright. Currently, Annalise is the resident theater teaching artist with Hyde Square Task Force cultivating an original curriculum to amplify the voices of Afro-Latine youth. (they/them)

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