SpeakEasy’s End-of-Year Match

SpeakEasy’s End-of-Year Match

Paul Kastner has supported SpeakEasy for over 20 years. This winter, his generosity towards our art will go even further. Paul will match all gifts from now through December 31st up to $25,000 – meaning your donations to SpeakEasy will have double the impact!


Q&A with Paul

Why do you choose to support SpeakEasy? 

The joy and community at a SpeakEasy production is tangible and it drove me to contribute to their work beyond the cost of my tickets. That joy and community has been a constant all the way through their recent stellar production of The Band’s Visit. The arts are community. I hope my gift inspires others to support this great organization and great theatre in Boston. 

How do you hope your gift inspires others? 

I think it’s hard for people to give money when you don’t know what it’s going to. Buying a ticket and seeing a show is a tangible thing…but when you give a donation you don’t always see right away where it goes. I want people to understand that a charitable contribution allows organizations to pay salaries, turn the lights on, and ultimately let them do what they do best, which is producing incredible shows that you buy tickets to and engaging the community in the arts. 

What advice do you have for people who are considering being first time donors to SpeakEasy? 

Boston is an incredible artistic epicenter…this city has so much to offer and if we want that to remain the case, we need to work together to support its arts organizations, like SpeakEasy, financially so that they can keep producing art.

I think the important thing is to just give a little, and then see how good that feels. It is so neat to see your name in the program because you have given and made what you are seeing possible. You know that you have gone above and beyond to allow SpeakEasy to perform and present. 

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A Lasting Gift

Please consider making a philanthropic gift to SpeakEasy Stage. Your donation will help us build and strengthen our community for the next 30 years.

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