The Thomas Derrah emerging Artists Fund

The Thomas Derrah emerging Artists Fund

In recognition of Thomas Derrah’s eternal dedication to teaching and the inspiration he provided to hundreds of students and young artists every day, SpeakEasy Stage Company has created The Thomas Derrah Emerging Artists Fund. A gifted educator and artist, Thomas Derrah believed in giving young artists opportunities to discover their potential and develop as professionals. SpeakEasy has always had this same commitment as part of its mission – to hire new talent and give them the support they need to demonstrate their abilities and discover their potential. The Thomas Derrah Emerging Artists Fund at SpeakEasy Stage Company will ensure that Thomas’ vibrant and influential legacy can live on, continuing to provide opportunities and inspire new talent for years to come.

All donations made through this page will be designated for The Thomas Derrah Emerging Artists Fund in memory of Thomas Derrah. Thank you for your generosity.

From Producing Artistic Director Paul Daigneault:
“I remember how fiercely passionate he was about each and every play he did for SpeakEasy. And watching him work was a master class in humanity. He just knew how to get inside a character.

He also made directing easy. Some actors you have to guide and provide lots of focus. Tommy was in many shows, and I would always say to the director, ‘Just leave him alone. Just leave him alone, and you’ll know when he gets there.’ And to just watch him work things out — just watching him work things out and indirectly teaching so many people about the art. He was a mentor to so many of us.”

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